CEFR it is!

In the following link, you can read about the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Teaching, both in Greek and English.

I hope it will be useful!

The Greek link: http://www.pi-schools.gr/lessons/english/pdf/cef_gr.pdf

The English link: http://www.coe.int/t/dg4/linguistic/source/framework_en.pdf


Seven ways to support English language learners

  • Tired of speaking and not be able to communicate?
  • In need of reaching a meaning while talking over something?

Here: https://principalsdesk.org/2016/11/24/7-ways-to-support-english-language-learners/ you can find some helpful ideas that you can use in the speaking part as well as in your interlocution with other speakers of English.You can have a look at the tips that are offered and try to integrate them in your own way to how you communicate.

  • For Advanced students (C1-C2 level)


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